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Organic Local Fragrant Flowers 

Grown in Richmond

Scent of Blooms

No Air Miles | Plastic Packaging | Silver Nitrate
Urban Flower Farming

Scent of Blooms is born out of a deep passion for organic fragrant unique flowers and not being able to find them at usual florists.


Overseas farms exclude many flowers not suited for mass production. Their flowers are drenched in pesticides and fed silver nitrate to increase shelf life for thousands-mile long journeys. Silver nitrate side effect, apart from poisoning waterways, is to removes scent from flowers. Little wonder we hardly ever get to enjoy a fragrant bloom at florists.

Growing at gardens in London removes the need for chemical life enhancers. Your blooms are cut on the morning of delivery day and are so fresh you get seven days plus vase life without the use of silver nitrate. This also means our fragrant varieties will retain their scent. We are growing a beautiful range of roses, lilies, scabiosa, snapdragons, stocks, tulips, ranunculus, anemones, sweet peas, nigellas, zinnias, dahlias, quacking grass and much more to add to your subscription.


We use only paper wraps and jute ties; No plastic packaging.


Even better we do free deliveries, day time or evening to suit you, so you are home to receive your freshly cut flowers which are kept in water all the way to your door.

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